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Our drive

At XYZ Aerospace, boasting within our business name is a direct reflection of the very core of our trade. Founded in the heart of the Space Coast industry out of the desire to contribute our diverse experience and skill sets to the Aerospace, Defense, and surrounding industries. We have 45 years’ experience in precision machining between the founding partners bringing some of the best skill sets in the industry under one roof.

We grew up watching the Space Shuttle lift off over the Space Coast. We were awoken many times by its sonic boom in the middle of the night and we watched in awe as various rockets have left our atmosphere. We are infatuated at conquering space exploration and contributing to our local economy with it. Our facility is located only a few miles away from some of the most advanced Aerospace and Defense companies in the world. We look forward to building a trusting and a mutually beneficial working relationship with each and every one of them. We strive to help advance our technologies while quenching our thirst to contribute to the Aerospace industry. Its continued growth is a vital element within the Space Coast community and we are proud to be a part of it.

Why “XYZ”

In the 17th century Rene Descartes invented the Cartesian coordinates system. He used it to turn figures and shapes into equations and numbers so a mathematical representation could be created. Descartes unified numbers and shapes together. For the first time in mankind’s history the Western art of Geometry and the Eastern art of Algebra were no longer separate domains.

The coordinates X, Y, Z are the foundation of analytic geometry. They provide enlightening geometric interpretations for many branches of mathematics, such as linear algebra, complex analysis, differential geometry, multivariate calculus, group theory and more. The XYZ coordinates are the essential tools for most applied disciplines that deal with geometry. This includes astronomy, physics, engineering and many more. It is the most common coordinate system used in computer graphics, computer-aided geometric design and other geometry-related data processing such as CNC machining. XYZ is at the very core of our entire industry.

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    3070 Venture Lane #106

    Melbourne, Florida 32934


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